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Press announcement n.6/98


Lista Studio, CAD.LAB official Partner,
will partecipate at the International Users' Convention 1998

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The STL file import allows Working Model 3D v.4.0 to read solid parts produced with CAD.LAB Eureka Gold CAD solution.
Virtual prototyping for CAD.LAB users is now reality

Thiene, September 4, 1998 - Lista Studio srl, exclusive Italian distributor of Working Model virtual protyping software by Knowledge Revolution USA, is pleased to announce today that has been invited to partecipate at CAD.LAB International Users' Convention 1998 as official partner.

The annual meeting of CadLab users will be held this year on September 25th at Palazzo Albergati, located at Via Masini 46 in Zola Predosa, Bologna, Italy.
About 1,500 registered CAD.LAB Italian users have been invited, together with some of the main customers from France, Germany, Spain and USA.
After the official keynote speech by CAD.LAB chairman, Joseph Costello, and presentations by international experts in various applications, some workshops and demo sessions are planned to allow all partecipiants to test the new proposed solutions, Eureka Gold v.9.0 and Team Manager v.5.0.

Lista Studio will demonstrate the solid parts import from Eureka Gold, CAD.LAB CAD solution, to Working Model 3D v.4.0 and the making up of the relevant virtual prototypes.

Collection of 28 industrial cases

Library of 36 virtual machines with VRML 2.0

Introduced in Italy less than one year and half ago, Working Model has been adopted by Italian major Companies like Askoll, Bassani Bticino, Breda, Comau, Cagiva, Ducati, Fameccanica, UTS as well as one hundred other small factories and engineering consulting firms that were able to introduce the virtual prototyping design without large human and hardware resources.

Working Model allows the user to test and optimize his mechanical design on a simple personal computer instead of building a phisical prototype to see if it works, saving on both time and materials.

Now, with new version 4.0, Working Model 3D really opens a huge variety of "what if..." analysis.
If You are drawing a two stroke engine, for example, it is possible to immediately check the changes in dynamical behaviour if a different connecting road lenght or mass is chosen. The only things to do are to change geometry in Eureka Gold CAD, import the solid part as STL file in Working Model 3D, join all constraints and click on run button to analyze forces and torques versus time and space as the engine starts running!
Once a virtual prototype is made with all constraints like springs, dampers, actuators and motors and relative meters, You are free to test all possible design solutions until the project criteria are satisfied. Only when the virtual prototype is optimized You can move to building the physical prototype, the only one to be made and that will perform as intended.

Working Model leadership for quality and ease of use, recognized among the others by NASA Tech Brief, gives the user a powerful design platform, robust and intuitive.
Working Model pioneered with ACD, Automatic Collision Detection technology, a solution that calculates and visualizes the physical behaviour of all solids without having the user to write any mathematical equation to compute the impulse-momentum collision model.
A new computational strategy, built in Working Model 3D v4.0, provides also substantial speed improvements when highly detailed parts come to collide.

Knowledge Revolution is located at 66 Bovet Road, Suite 200, San Mateo, California 94402, USA. The web site is

Lista Studio, exclusive Italian distributor and support center, is located in Borgo Belvigo 33, 36016 Thiene Vi, Italy, tel. +39,0445,382056. The web site is and the E-mail address is:

CAD.LAB engineering is located at Via Ronzani 7/29, 40033 Casalecchio di Reno BO, Italy, tel +39,051,597111 fax +39,051,597120. The web site is in Italy and in the USA.

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