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Press announcement n.5/98

Lista Studio introduces in Italy WORKING MODEL® 3D version 4.0

The new release of the leading virtual prototyping software now available for Italian customers!
Public demostration at
Smau'98 of the forecoming version 5.0 beta
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New Release Offers Simulation Performance Improvement of Up to 10 Times, Pro/ENGINEER® Integration, STL(TM) Interface Capability, and User Interface Enhancements

THIENE, August 11, 1998 - Lista Studio today announced that it is shipping Working Model® 3D version 4.0 mechanical engineering simulation software from Knowledge Revolution, USA.
The new release offers innovative collision detection algorithms for improvements of up to ten times in simulation performance, seamless and associative integration with Pro/ENGINEER, a new STL interface enabling integration at the geometric/component level to a variety of other Windows® CAD systems such as Unigraphics® from Unigraphics Solutions and Eureka Gold from Cad.Lab, and user interface enhancements including a constraint navigator for constructing and verifying large, moving assemblies.

Collection of 28 industrial applications

Library of 36 virtual machines with VRML 2.0

"This new release represents a significant milestone in our efforts to make powerful and easy to use simulation solutions widely available to the large and growing body of designers and engineers running popular Windows-based CAD systems on their desktop PCs," said Gregory Milliken, Vice President of Marketing for Knowledge Revolution. "CAD systems are excellent at tackling the fit and form of design, but Working Model 3D helps answer the question of whether a design functions as intended- before making a prototype.
Traditionally, simulation software focusing on the function of a design has only been available to small groups of sophisticated analysts. Knowledge Revolution's vision is to make sophisticated functional design software readily available to a much larger group of designers and engineers.
With this release of Working Model 3D we focused on adding the ability to easily interface with a wider variety of CAD systems, and on making our customers' experience with Working Model as productive, intuitive and enjoyable as possible by enhancing our user interface and improving performance."

"The ability to interface via STL files from our primary CAD system, Unigraphics, greatly enhances our ability to easily simulate complex mechanisms," said Dave Ansbigian, Design Engineer with Textron Systems. "The flexible Windows interface and sophisticated simulation capabilities now offered with Working Model 3D 4.0 provide us with a high-performance, feature rich motion simulation solution that we can run on our Windows PCs."

New features offered in Working Model 3D 4.0 include:

-Pro/ENGINEER CAD integration whereby Pro/ENGINEER users can link their CAD models with Working Model through Direct Constraint Mapping(TM)(DCM).

-STL import allows integration with a variety of Windows CAD systems at the geometric/component level. This capability is coupled with native feature recognition on bodies to recover exact geometric locations of mechanical joints on STL parts.

-An innovative collision detection algorithm that improves simulation performance up to ten times for a variety of CAD models.

-Improved CAD integration provides users with a more intuitive and methodical way of constructing and verifying large, moving assemblies. This includes more refined constraint mapping and the ability to work with subassemblies.

-An open constraint architecture and a constraint navigator that provides an intuitive and efficient way to verify the constraint properties of moving assemblies.

-Specified motion enables objects to move according to formulae or tables, rather than the laws of physics. This feature is useful when a user knows how a specific part moves and wishes to see how other parts will interact and react.

-Joint limits allow a user to restrict the movement of hinges, sliders, and other joints.

-The ability to attach and track cameras provides enhanced visualization and inspection capabilities.

-An improved formula language editor and unit system.

Knowledge Revolution was founded in 1989 to address the emerging market for the simulation of mechanical systems. Knowledge Revolution is now the leading unit provider of software that enables professional engineers as well as high school and college engineering students to model and simulate mechanical systems.
The company's principal product, Working Model, provides an environment for the design, analysis, and distribution of virtual mechanical prototypes on Windows-based systems. Working Model 3D enables users to design in their preferred environment with seamless interfaces to Mechanical Desktop® from Autodesk (NASDAQ: ADSK); Solid Edge(TM) from Unigraphics Solutions (NYSE: EDS); SolidWorks® from SolidWorks Corporation (NASDAQ: DASTY); and Pro/ENGINEER® from Parametric Technology Corporation (NASDAQ: PMTC).

Knowledge Revolution's customers in the USA include Ford, Xerox, Kodak, as well as education licenses for the country of Brazil, Tokyo University, and Stanford University. Knowledge Revolution has recently won NASA Tech Briefs and Design News Product of the Year awards for Working Model.

In Italy Working Model is used in well known companies like Fiat, Comau, Cagiva, Ducati, Breda, Bassani BTicino as well as nearly one hundred of other small companies.
In addition, the Italian educational world has immediately recognized the power of Working Model with site licences in more than thirty engineering Universities.

Among the most exciting Italian case studies, the Area 51 scooter by Aprilia, described in with anti dive front suspension developed with Working Model.

Knowledge Revolution is located at 66 Bovet Road, Suite 200, San Mateo, California 94402, USA. The web site is

Lista Studio srl, exclusive Italian distributor and support center, is located in Thiene (Vi), Borgo Belvigo 33, tel. 0445,382056. The web site is and the E-mail address is:

Working Model is a registered trademark of Knowledge Revolution, Inc. All other brand names, product names or trademarks belong to their respective holders.

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