URI Mechanical Engineering Projects -- Dynamics

Engineering Academy of Southern New England
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MCE 263 - Dynamics is the second course in engineering mechanics. It is a required course for mechanical engineering students to be taken second semester of their sophomore year. The course outline includes the following topics:

The text for this course is Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics, A. Bedford and W. Fowler, Addison-Wesley, 1995

Nearly all of the problems considered in Dynamics can be solved using the simulation software, Working Model. The text by Bedford and Fowler includes Working Model simulations of many of the homework problems. In addition to classroom demonstrations of these simulations, five modules were developed and classroom tested during the 1995-96 academic year. These modules illustrate how Working Model can be used as a virtual prototyping tool as part of the product development process. The assignment handouts which are distributed to the students are:

  1. Traffic Light Design Problem
  2. Conveyer System Design
  3. Design of Gas Gun for Material Testing
  4. Reverse Engineering of a Nail Gun
  5. Internal Combustion Engine Design

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