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CarSim by Mechanical Simulation Corporation, USA, is an easy-to-use integrated set of computer tools for simulating and analyzing the dynamic braking and handling behavior of vehicles under a variety of simulated test conditions. CarSim performs virtual tests, replacing the test vehicle with a mathematical computer model. It solves the equations of motion numerically to predict 3D motions of a vehicle in response to braking and steering inputs.

Overview of CarSim


CarSim uses detailed nonlinear tire models, nonlinear spring models, and includes the major kinematic and compliance effects in the suspensions and steering systems in cars, light trucks, and other four-wheeled highway vehicles. The kinematical and dynamical equations are valid for full nonlinear 3D motions of rigid bodies. CarSim includes separate simulation programs for vehicle models with different sets of state variables. These are:
  1. A four-wheeled vehicle with independent front and rear suspensions.
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  3. A four-wheeled vehicle with an independent front suspension and a solid rear axle suspension.
For control inputs, CarSim accepts time histories of brake input and steering wheel angle (open-loop control). CarSim also has closed-loop controller options for steering and speed control.

You can view simulation results as wire-frame animations or as plots of output variables. You can generate these plots automatically for any combination of the many variables calculated during the simulation.


The software runs on Intel PCís equipped with Windows 95, 98 or NT. It is self-contained, requiring no additional programs or tools to function.

The simulations run much faster than you might expect for such detailed models. On almost any Pentium computer, the programs run faster than real time. On new Pentium II desktop computers, the vehicle models run several times faster than real time. In other words, a run simulating a 10-second test will finish in just a few seconds.

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