Design-Based Engineering Education
College of Engineering, Boise State University, USA

Working Model

Working Model Modules
(Click on the file name of the module you wish to download.
Be sure to note the location on your hard drive where the file is being saved.
Mantained with permission in Italy by Lista Studio).


sled.wm2d 038KB   lunar.wm2d 041KB   oilwell.wm2d 039KB
cannon.wm2d 008KB   transit.wm2d 009KB   extruder.wm2d 331KB
sensor.wm2d 053KB   launcher.wm2d 107KB   signaler.wm2d 012KB
train.wm2d 008KB   impact.wm2d 131KB   mower.wm2d 423KB
seed.wm2d 063KB   bungee.wm2d 112KB   bridge.wm2d 015KB
rkintercept.wm2d 037KB   reentry.wm2d 022KB   protect.wm2d 060KB
intercept.wm2d 034KB   orbit.wm2d 030KB      
meteor.wm2d 066KB   timing.wm2d 010KB      
lander.wm2d 029KB   walrus.wm2d 065KB      


actuator.wm2d 012KB   kklkinfrx.wm2d 020KB  
boat.wm2d 009KB   spring.wm2d 010KB      
engine.wm2d 167KB   sign.wm2d 013KB      
crate.wm2d 009KB   signal.wm2d 013KB      
wind.wm2d 180KB            
drill.wm2d 010KB            
truss.wm2d 235KB            
trussdes.wm2d 023KB            
friction.wm2d 056KB            



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